We also provide an auditing service, where we audit your company’s powered access engineering practices to ensure they conform to internal standards.

Full workshop audit

Our full workshop audit covers everything in the engineering audit (opposite page), as well as a full audit of the workshop itself.

This includes checking the workshop equipment and making sure it is all fully functional and in full working order, checking COSHH, and making sure the breakdown book is fully up-to-date and completed in full. We also look at all the engineering paperwork, and the general condition of the workshop or yard.

In general, a full workshop audit will be tailored to the specific needs of your company: we will audit with your particular needs and requirements in mind, not just do a general and non-specific audit.

Engineering audit

Our engineering audit covers the quality of PDI, servicing, and LOLERing. It ensures that these vital checks have been performed thoroughly and to the standard required by your company.

It includes checking various elements of the machines to make sure they have been properly PDI’d, serviced or LOLER’d. We look at all aspects of the machine in detail, including cosmetics, filters, structural components, safety systems and battery terminals.

Engineering audits can be modified to meet the exact requirements of your company and its internal procedures.

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